Raspberry Hot Chocolate

Raspberry Hot Chocolate

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created by @drinklmnt

Raspberry Salt is an LMNT OG. Chocolate Salt brings out its cozier side. This duo pairs well with chilly mornings before training, snowy sledding adventures, and cozy evenings by the fire.⁠ 🔥


1 stick pack LMNT Chocolate Raspberry*

14–16 oz hot water OR milk of choice

dried raspberries for garnish

shaved chocolate for garnish


Heat your water or milk in your coziest mug.

Pour in all ingredients.

Garnish with dried raspberries and dark chocolate shavings.

*LMNT Chocolate Raspberry is a limited-time flavor. If you don't have any, use 2/3 stick pack Chocolate Salt plus 1/3 stick pack Raspberry Salt.

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